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Mets Roast Arizona

Amazin amazin amazin.

This team has been mediocre or just above mediocre all year long. They show flashes of brilliance, then funk out for a week, in between letting Pedro down again and again.

Well, after five months of being awful on the road, they have just swept four straight in Arizona. Arizona ain't a great team, but four straight is four straight.

And now out of nowhere, comes Mike Jacobs. Hits a home run in his first major league at bat at Shea, and then hits three more in his next three games. And he alternates between first and catcher, right for the Mets needs.

And--Jay Seo great as a starter, a fabulous left side of the infield with Wright and Reyes, and...maybe too many pitchers.

The other day, I heard Larry Bowa on the radio saying that he did not see the Mets as playoff contenders. Larry, want a do-over on that comment?

Best thing about this game: an army of Met fans in Arizona stadium as the game ended. The Yankee fans do that in Baltimore and other places, good to see the transplanted NYers do it in the desert.

Baseball? Tut-tut. You should give football a go, or as you call it over there - soccer.

The Phantom cannot follow sports whose players wear the logos of mobile phone companies on their chests, rather than that of their team.

Here is what a real sports uniform looks like

It is of the Yankees' player Mickey Mantle, taken in the 1950s. It has not changed its elegant simplicity since then ( actually it has probably been unchanged since the 1920s )

Now compare with the Manchester United uniform.
There's a wee little symbol of the team, but it lies between a Nike swoosh and a huge emblem for some rotten phone company. There is no Manchester United uniform--that is a Vodafone sports kit, my friend.

Come on out to NY and I'll take you up to Yankee Stadium for some real sports.

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