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The NY Times missed the story of the Hitchens - "Georgeous George" Galloway debate that took place all of 20 blocks from their offices, but the London Times did notmiss it. And the London Times nails the story exactly right.

This story attracted significant interest around the world, but the NY Times was seemingly unaware.
The Yankees have completed a three game sweep of the Tampa Devil Rays, and are now only two games behind Boston. I will be in Fenway Park tomorrow, to cast a hex upon the Red Sox, who play Oakland.

The collapse of the Mets cannot be understood. They lost again today. Its sad to see, after a season in which much seemed to have been accomplished.
Two dolphins rescued off the coast of Mississippi
Have a headache, caused by a cold. Pisses me off, especially when I put on my Phantom Mask. But the eye is doing very well. Good night.

hmm so that was you who cast a hex upon the Red Sox, :-)I think it worked because until last night our beloved Red Sox s**ked...Thank goodness for Ortiz.Thanks for the wonderful comments on Fenway anyway she is a treasure!!!
Soldiers Angel

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