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Vietnam and Baseball

Seven days from now, I'll be at the airport waiting to board a 747 bound for Taipei, Taiwan, where I'll catch another plane to Saigon, Vietnam. I'm really looking forward to this trip.

It's very interested in history, and I want to see some of the places associated with the Vietnam war. And of this country's long history before that. And the jungles, and China Beach, and Saigon and Hanoi and Hoi An and all of that. And the great, hot food.

I will be part of a small group tour run by an Australian company. Can't wait.

Hey, I've even found a foodie Saigon blog, Noodlepie. Its about food, but not only about food. Have added it to the links list.


The dreaded Red Sox, with Judas figure David Wells on the mound, beat the Yankees 5-3 tonight. The Yankees and Red Sox are actually tied for the AL East lead, with two games to go. All eyes will be on the game tomorrow, then again for the season ender on Sunday.

There's actually a very plausible chance of a three way tie at seasons end, with the Yanks, Sox and Cleveland tied for the Wild Card entry ( for our non-North American friends, we speak of the American League, which is divided into three divisions. The three division winners get into the playoffs, as well as the second place team with the best record. Either the Red Sox or Yankees will win the American League East title, the other might be the Wild Card )

Its all very confusing. And also very exciting.


Album listening to now " After the Gold Rush ", Neil Young.

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