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Fall in New York ...Rita

Overnight, fall has arrived in New York. It was 59 degrees farenheit overnight; now, at 1020 am, it is only 62 degrees. This is the most delightful time of the year, when God's natural air conditioning cools the entire region. Great sleeping weather. Good thinking weather. Crisp weather leads to crisp thoughts.
No such pleasure down south. Rita's raising hell in Texas and Louisiana. My buddy Jim left his home to be relocated in Houston, now I am sure he's had to evacuate again.

There are calls to --not-- rebuild New Orleans, from some on the left and right, and from environmentalists. Dennis Hastert got crucified when he spoke of not rebuilding the place, but not rebuilding is an option that must be considered. Why spend immense treasure in rebuilding a city below sea level? Why encourage people to move back to a place that cannot be protected? There is a particularly good column in today's NY Post, as reprinted from the New Republic. It's by Adam B. Kushner, a New Orleans native. I can't find a proper link to the article, but the last paragraph is:

It is no easy thing to wish your birthplace out of existence for its own good ; the American habit, like with any challenge, is to fight back. But, in the end, demonstrations of perseverence aren't worth nearly as much as the lives they are meant to uplift.
The Islamists are saying that these hurricanes are caused by Allah, as a strike against the debauched America. They said that the tsunami hit the Muslims of Indonesia to punich them for not being strict enough. So any natural disaster will have a religous reason, according to this lot.
I'll be away on a day trip to Cincinnati Ohio, returning late Sunday night.

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