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Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame

Just back from a short trip to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Went to the Cincinnati Reds game on Sunday. But first, a visit to the adjacent
Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame. Its a small museum devoted to one of America's oldest baseball teams.

Our guide is affiliated with the museum, and we got a sneak peek at two things that are not on display yet. We saw the collar of the famous team mascot Schottzie. ( The dog, not Marge Schott, the old bat that used to own the team )

We also saw the 1990 World Series ring of Reds pitcher Jack Armstrong, which will be on display soon.

It is a small museum, but if you are a baseball fan, it is fun. Lots of stuff on the
Big Red Machine, the gifted power-hitting team of the 1970s.
Also, a Wall of Baseballs, one for each of Pete Rose's 4,192 hits.

And a large rose garden in the back.

Since Rose is banned from baseball, he cannot be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame or even the Reds Hall of Fame. But you cannot take away from his accomplishments as a player. I understand that there are a lot of Rose exhibits in Cooperstown.

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