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WTC / International Freedom Center Nixed

Very good news today. Governor Pataki has decided that the International Freedom Center will not be part of the World Trade Center redevelopment after all.

The IFC people had some good people, like Natan Scharansky associated with it, but it was to be a political institution. And to many 9/11 families, and many others, it was incomprehensible why anyone would want to politicize a place where 3000 people died in this way. It would have been the first thing that people saw upon entering the complex.

Why? Remember the dead, celebrate the very real heroism of that day, yes. But why a place with a political point of view of any kind? Freedom is defined pretty differently by people. This, at this place, was never a good idea.


This follows the deletion of the Drawing Center from the site. Could see it now, some bright light art exhibit a few years from now like this, or its right wing equivalent, right outside the WTC Memorial. Step right up, get yer tickets right here. Even if such "art" was in line with your political views, why the need to have it on this ground, of all places?

There are no art exhibits, nor are there political " Freedom Centers " inside Aushwitz or the other places of mass death in Europe. There won't be in the WTC site either, and that is a good thing, for art, and for politics, and most of all for the remembrance that will be the foundation of the rebuilt World Trade Center site.

Warm congratulations to Take Back the Memorial, which led the fight against a truly dreadful idea. It took a couple of years, but the good guys won.

Can't wait to see the stamping of feet at tomorrow's NY Times Editorial Page.


Now please fire the corrupt and incompetent LMDC and WTC Foundation and go back to Ground Zero to give us a memorial that fits the occasion.

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