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Black Friday Go to Hell

Lots of reports this year about people fighting in department stores during sales early in the morning on " Black Friday ", the day after Thanksgiving.

But this morning's NY Times reports " As the nation's retail executives began poring over, and in some cases despairing over, sales receipts from the holiday weekend, one pattern became clearer: consumers mobbed discount chains, with their $398 laptops and 5 a.m. openings, but largely shopped right past other specialty retailers at the mall."

First, anyone who shows up at the store at 5am is a freak. I don't care if you're selling 50 inch plasma televisions for 25 cents. You'll never see me there. ( At five am on the day after Thanksgiving, I have at least four more hours sack time to go )

Second, if you have a group of freaks in the store, do not be surprised if fights break out.

Third, wonder why more and more people buy on line every year? And its the department stores' fault.

Idiot, lowlife-attracting stunts like 5am openings attract all the wrong people and drive overall sales down. See you online.

I do most of my shopping online. There are some sites (Amazon, Overstock, etc.) where with a small purchase ($25 or more), you get free shipping and as good (sometimes better) prices than the stores. And I often find better selections or get ideas from their huge array of items.

I shop in my PJs and never have to deal with the annoyances of crowds.

The only stuff I buy at stores are items I'd really have to see before buying, i.e. clothing.

Online is the way to go!

walking through the west end mall is bad enough without going shopping and thats without sales so if they added a sale id bypass it all together

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