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Rainy Night in New York

It gets dark early this time of year in New York, and as the sun went down, it began to rain. It'll rain through the night. As I type this, I hear the rain on the glass panes of the skylight. That and the odd gust of wind. Good night to be indoors.

Finished work at 730 tonight, late but not unusual in my business. I stopped off in my favorite wine shop, Astor Wines and Spirits on the way home. Its where Astor Place meets Lafayette Street, in the Village.

It's a brightly-lit supermarket of a wine shop. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the values are often terrific. I don't do fancy, I seek the perfect marriage of taste and thrift.

So, I walked out with

Two good reds
Il Volano, Rosso di Toscana, 2002
Donna Di Rango, Puglia, 2000

Two sparkling wines
Brut Gruet, New Mexico
Marquis de Gelida Cava 2000

Two ultracheap 2003Porteno Argentine reds, and
One cheap Solario pinot noir from Casablanca Valley, Chile

Look forward to opening one or two of these bottles on Thanksgiving Day.

now thats sounds like it would be great the rain on the window i always feel warm and cosy when its cold out side and im inside its even better when you are out in it and are thinking of being inside if that make's any sense ie;when i was a kid walking home from school in the rain i always thought about just sitting in front of the fire when i got home and that made me feel warm mind you sometimes there was no fire and froze anyway lol

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