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Blame Tookie

Well, Tookie Williams is no longer with us. And as usual, Blame Bush has a good spin on this story.

Williams' " atonement " would have had a lot more meaning had he admitted to the murders he committed. An apology to the families of the four people he shotgunned at close range would have been nice too.

Schwartzenegger did the right thing, justice has been done, and the streets of Los Angeles remain peaceful.

has it we will never know he maintained his innocence?
as for blaming anyone there is no one to blame but the justice system that excute's people what happened to the christian attitude.
if you belive in a life for murder then there are a couple u.s or cia men who need to be killed or does nt that count.

He went through 24 years or so of appeals. Its a very rare convicted murderer who will say he did it. They got the right guy.

well its up to him and god now

i see tookie's death opens up for the next excution a 70 year plus man with health problems way to go

Proof, as if it ever needed, of the hypocrisy of US. They are the last nation on earth to condemn human rights abuses in other contries. You either believe in murder or you don't. If you believe that murder is wrong as I do, that has got to include the U.S. government. Exodus ch20 v13, " Thou Shalt Not Kill".


Oh, bullshit. It is a human rights violation to execute a man who shotgunned four innocents, and then never admitted it for a period of over twenty years? Why not a bit of sympathy for the four victims or their families, or the black kids in LA who were killed inadvertently or not by Williams' Crips drug dealer gang?

Besides, many believe " thou shalt not kill " is a mistranslation of " thou shalt not murder ".

Otherwise, those who killed SS troops in WWII were guilty of a mortal sin, eh?

I don't think so. Did Jesus speak against capital punishment, widely practiced in his day? I don't think so either.

Tookie was a man of redemption whether or not he was guilty of the four murders and the Crips, he eluded many youths from the gang lifestyle with his books. Who are we to say whether he should live or die. If you voted for the execution of Tookie, isnt that murder too. DOnt even say he deserved it because no one deserves to be executed no matter the crime. Tookie also was the center of many South Central gang truces. Without him many turf wars may begin again.

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