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I Hate Christmas!

Actually, I don't. But what I do hate when you hear Christmas carols or see Christmas lights or are confronted with Christmas advertising of any type in November.

It gets earlier and earlier every year. This year, I heard Christmas carols in stores a good week before Thanksgiving ( Nov 24 ). It's really depressing to hear this stuff, and to see Christmas lights, for what is now a five week period.

My solution: no Christmas lights before December 18. One week is enough. And no Christmas songs until December 21. Trust me, four days total for these songs is quite enough.

A friend of mine said that Christmas Carols were being used in the first week of November in some stores here in Dublin. It makes a mockery of the whole thing.

i was told it was bad luck to do anything christmassy before dec 1st maybe should get that out then hopefully wont have to put up with the commerislim for so long.

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