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NY Subway Strike Ends

The strike against New York's people by the TWU now ends after three days. It was deeply unpopular with the people , the real reason the strike ended quickly. That, and the massive fines that the State and City imposed on the TWU.

I decided early on that I was going to come in every day, and on time. Its important to me to " show up " , no matter what. Plus I wanted to be able to spend a few bucks at the local businesses here, who were hurting bad. Today, I got a salad bar lunch at Azure, at 51st and Second. They're normally jammed at noon, but today, it was pretty empty. They needed all the business they could get.

Some have compared this strike to 9/11, and in a way the comparison is apt. Though noone was hurt physically, the city took a punch. And it responded the way it always does. People improvised and overcame many obstacles. They showed great kindness to one another, helping complete strangers in small and large ways, quietly with no fuss.

I thank Nina, David, Robert, and Angela, who gave me rides over the past few days, and I thank the many who helped all the others as well.

In the first days after 9/11, I felt the greatest pride as I saw people overcome their fears to re-enter the city. There was no fear this time, but the pride is still there.

Ich bin New Yorker.

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