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WTC Area / Majestic Pizza

WTC Area / Majestic Pizza Posted by Picasa

Majestic Pizza is on Cortlandt Street, next to Century 21 Department Store, just a half-block from the World Trade Center site.

It took an enormous financial hit after 9/11, as it was well within the exclusion zone. It reopened soon after Century 21 did in February 2002. But business was very slow. Not only were there no more customers coming over from the WTC, but the PATH station was closed also. With the PATH ( subway ) closed, there were no more NJ bound commuters walking by and grabbing a slice on the way home.

Now, more than four years later, Majestic Pizza is still hanging in there. Century 21 still packs them in, the PATH has been open for a long time now. I think business is better.

Majestic Pizza was a bare bones place before, it's still one now. There are a few barstools to sit on, but that's about it. Nothing fancy.

The only thing this place has going for it is some of the very best pizza by the slice in all of New York City. Its open seven days a week, and if you're in town, I recommend that you stop by.

I will stop in there the next time I'm in NYC...I've eaten there many times in the past. Like you mention, the only downfall is the lack of table seating, but the pizza is worth it. And the positive to that is that it keeps you in the fast NYC pace....get in, eat, get out, keep going!

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