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Welcome to the Jungle

My little Christmas Song for y'all. Hope you like it.

So we got most of the remaining Christmas cards out. Hope your mailman doesn't steal yours.

In New York today, we were supposed to have a subway strike and an ice storm. Instead, the strike was deferred and we had a beautiful day. Sometimes things work out that way.

Two days ago, S came into the office. He's healing pretty well from the hip replacement, and the doc says he can ditch the crutches and put full weight on the left ( replaced ) hip. There's a lot of muscle strength that must be rebuilt, but that's what the physical therapy ( starting in two weeks ) is for. For now, a cane will assist. Right on target.

Just listened to CCR's " Wrote A Song for Everyone " . This is one John Fogarty / CCR song that I actually hadn't heard before. Like finding a $20 bill you didn't know you had in a pants pocket.

Good night.

Katie & I enjoyed watching Guns & Roses...brings me back to the good ol' days of the '80's with rockers with that big hair!

Remember when they used to play it at Yankee Stadium? Got the crowd worked up pretty good.

I'm not a big G'n'R fan, but " Welcome to the Jungle " and " Sweet Child O'Mine " are two great songs. The " Knockin on Heavens Door " remake ain't bad either.

i liked their song civil war and sweet child of was was great.

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