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Disaster in Sago, West Virginia

I've never been in a coal mine, and I've never set foot in West Virginia. But I feel terrible about what's just happened in Sago, West Virginia. It feels like something has happened to my family, because it has...this is a tragedy for the entire American family.

I'd followed the story, was prepared for a bad outcome this time yesterday, and then was astonished and surprised to on last night's late night television news about the " rescue of the 12 miners " . CNN, Fox, CNBC, everyone was reporting this story, interviewing happy family members.

Woke up this morning to a radio report of the " sudden, horrible turn of events ". Again, tv was all over a disaster made all the worse by the jubilation a couple of hours before.

Something dreadful has happened to a small town, as it often will in a town where people go beneath the earth to mine coal.

I really, really hope that the one survivor, 27 year old Randal McCloy Jr., makes it. News reports are encouraging. They were encouraging at 1230 am last night too. Say a prayer, boys, even if you don't believe.

that must have been bad for the familys told most survied then it turned out the other way .No one deserves to die at work .

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