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New York City: Crime Drops for 17th Consecutive Year

The NY Times reports that crime in the city has gone down yet again, for the 17th Consecutive Year.

See attached press release from the NYPD website, which has a lot of stats to back up New York's claims to being the " safest big city in America ".

We've been lucky here to have had two good mayors ( Giuliani, Bloomberg ) in a row, as well as a number of very strong leaders and thinkers in the NYPD- Bratton, Maple, Kelly. And an army of great cops who get the job done every day.

I've never felt unsafe here, even in the bad old days, before Guiliani's highly effective attack on urban crime. Even in those days, New York had a much lower crime rate than other US cities, including Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix, Dallas and Houston etc.

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