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Deutsche Bank Building

Deutsche Bank Building, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

The internal demolition of this building is well advanced. the exterior structure will be coming down before long.

Hi The Phantom,
I'm so sorry to miss your question on UI's blog... I have read it right now!
I live around Turin (Torino in Italian), the place where in February they held the Winter Olympic Games.
It's the city of FIAT, the city of Juventus and capital of good chocolate :-)
You can easily find it on a map if you look northwest, not very far from Italian-French border.
I've never been in Naples, but I hope you enjoyed your stay!
Have a nice day!!!

I love Italy, but its been far too long since I have been there. I've been from Palermo to the north, but unfortunately not Torino.

Oh, I know where it is! I'll be there some day.

Nice pic- I was down there a while back. Have you been to Century 21 (just out of shot?) I got a pair of Ralph Lauren 'shades' (as Americans call them) in there for a tenner. Jurassic Park!

Oh, you're talking my language now. I used to work right across the street in the World Trade Center, and would shop in Century 21 once a week, and would walk through it a couple of times a week, just to do it.

I really like Century 21. I can understand why all the tourist guidebooks list it as a "must visit"

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