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World Cup Fever Hits New York City (*)

This is the back cover of today's New York Daily News. The main sports story is how this year's NY Mets are now popular baseball team in town. ( Its not true, but they're heading in that direction. ) There's only the smallest mention of the US-Czech Republic World Cup game.

Sports fans here are certainly aware that the World Cup is being played, but they're not exactly on the edge of their seats with excitement. The first-game loss of the US to the superb Czech team won't exactly help the sport in this country either.

Its different over here. The US has its own rich sports traditions, and soccer just isn't a big part of it. Every four years, you hear that soccer is on the verge of a big breakthrough, but it never happens.

And you know what? Thats OK. Who says every country has to like the same things?

Meanwhile, as soon as the US Soccer Team is eliminated, which should be soon --their next opponent is mighty Italy-- I transfer my World Cup allegiance to England. This may dismay some of my Irish friends, but it is true to my contrarian nature. Go Becks! Hurray up and heal, Rooney!!



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