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Curt Schilling: The Passion of the Punk and other baseball news

Schilling Shoots Mouth Off
Curt Schilling goes after Lou Piniella and Lou gives it right back to him. Maybe, as Gary Shelton of the St. Petersburg Times says, there is something wrong with this guy's head. Schilling is a great athlete, and he been a part of two World Series winners, but he's crossed the line by attacking Sweet Lou Piniella like this.

Wait until this Schilling comes into Yankee Stadium again. Though it has been ages since he last wore the pinstripes, the Yankee fans still worship Piniella, and will not take kindly to him being attacked, by a guy they already despised. Come on up to Yankee Stadium, Curt. We'll show you the Bronx.

Rocker, Pride of the Yankees
Since it was announced that John Rocker was returning to organized baseball, I've been saying that I could see him playing for the Yankees. I think so more than ever now. The Yankees REALLY need relief pitchers, and if this guy is healthy, he could make a huge contribution. Plus it would be an unbelievably large story in NY and nationally, which George S would just love. You heard it here first. Ruth, Gehrig, Rocker. Pride of the Yankees.

David Wells Out for more than a month with Foot Injury
Oh, that's really too bad. With the way this guy keeps himself in shape, you'd think he'd never get hurt.

Oh, and did I just hear that Schilling's injured too?. There is a God, there really is.

You're right...there is a God. Ever since Schilling said in a post 2001 World Series interview, "We beat them every step of the way, outplayed them at every turn", I can't stand him. Most professional athletes do not make such boastful comments after winning (the Yankees always have class) and besides, if you win in the bottom of the 9th of the 7th game, it was a close match, not what Schilling depicted.

I am happy for the Boston Red Sox fans that they won last year, but I only wish Schilling wasn't involved because I am sure he believes it was solely due to his presence.

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