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Subway Series, Trump

This Subway Series thing ain't as big a thing as when interleague play first started, but it still gets a lot of attention. This weekend, the Yankees took two out of three from the Mets. There were a lot of errors in the first and third games, won by the Yankees. Each could have gone either way.

The best moment by far was in Saturday's game, when Met reliever Dae-Sung Koo came up to bat. He had never swung a bat in the major leagues, looked like he had no idea what it was for, and he was up against Randy Johnson in the seventh inning. Then he positively crushes Randy Johnson's third pitch for a double. This is like Pat Paulsen decking Muhammad Ali.

But Koo was not finished yet. Willie Randolph, a true disciple from the Billy Martin school of little-ball, had Jose Reyes bunt Koo ( flawlessly ) to third. But then Koo noticed that noone was covering the plate, so Koo took off like a maniac for home. He slid in to be called safe ( he should have been called out, but what the hey ).

This was an astonishing, truly funny sequence of events. Unfortunately, the DH has squeezed moments like this( and much more importantly a great deal of every game strategy ) out of the American League. Word has it that the AL owners wanted to get rid of the DH a few years back, but the union opposed it. The union likes the fact that it gives well paid jobs to immoobile, waddling stiffs like Giambi.

Oh, and saw an article on Trump, from Newsday. They got this boy dead to to rights. Good night.

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