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Joined Little Green Footballs

Am a major fan of Little Green Footballs and read it almost every day. I've never posted a reply to any posting there, as they have not been admitting new members...until today. Signed up just now.


Went to AAA Continuing Drivers Ed today, way up in Whitestone. Take these classes once every three years, in order to get a 10% reduction in my car insurance. The classes are boring, but they do provide a useful safety refresher. I took notes and will try to use some of these ideas.

It was an interesting drive up there to Northern Boulevard, near the Clearview Expressway. Went for a quick workout at the Whitestone branch of my " NYSC " gym...it is so much bigger and nicer than any of the Brooklyn branches....and then took a look at Francis Lewis Boulevard, on the Queens side of the Whitestone. Its very pretty, might have to go up there to take a photo soon.

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