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Jimmah Carter, Disgrace

The protocol has always been that former presidents didn't criticize sitting Presidents, and that US officials ( or former officials ) refrained from criticizing the country or its leaders when in another country.

Jimmy Carter violates both long standing traditions regularly.

Note that President Clinton , out of office, strictly adheres to these traditions--he certainly does not see eye to eye with Bush, but as someone who knows how hard the job is, he is most discreet in his criticism, and never criticizes Bush in a foreign country.

Similarly, Bush Senior did not criticize Clinton during Bill's 8 years, Nixon did not criticize Carter, etc back all the way to George Washington. Until this jamoke from Plains Georgia came upon us.

Carter, of the Hostage Crisis, the Gas Lines, high interest rates and his self-created " malaise" was one of the worst presidents the US ever had. And he is by far, the worst former President.

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