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Palmeiro, Continued

The NY Post has the best sports page in the city, but the Daily News is a good second.

Todays Daily News has two columns about Palmeiro that are worth looking at. The first, by their top sports writer Mike Lupica tells it like it is.

The second, by the News' top baseball writer Bill Madden should send a cold chill down Palmeiro's spine. Madden, a very influential writer who votes on who gets into the Hall of Fame refers to Palmeiro ( and Sosa, Bonds, and McGwire ) as " cheats who have no respect for the game ".

Unfortunately, that's about right. This guy might get into the Hall of Fame, but only if he buys a ticket.

And if I were Palmeiro, I would not be too anxious to get back on the field, even in Baltimore. The fans won't be too nice.

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