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Blockbuster beats Netflix

Ha ha, Pentex. A South Carolina newspaper recently compared the two main US rent-by-mail DVD services and blockbuster.com won. ( Hat tip, netflixfan )

As someone who has subscribed to both at times, I think that this article is exactly correct. They are both good services, providing great value. Blockbuster comes in at a nose due to their two free in store rental coupons and their slightly lower price.


It's a beautiful day here in New York.

I'm in a good mood as this is the last day I will have to wear the protective lens in my eye. Tomorrow, they take it out, and we'll begin to see how the lasek touchup surgery really went.

Am listening to Cecilio and Kapono's " Night Music " on the Yahoo Music Player.

This was one of the groups that was part of the modern Hawaiian music revival. I heard them first when in Guam, and have always liked them.

The Yahoo Music Engine had glitches a couple of weeks ago and would not play. But I tweaked it, and it is working perfectly. It is the best value of all time. I recently listened to Gillian Welch's " Soul Music "for the first time, and was absolutely floored by it.

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