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Don't Get Stuck on Stupid

From the very good Radio Blogger an account of a press conference in New Orleans. The dimwit mayor was besieged by the reporters, and General Honore took over. When the reporters kept asking foolish questions, the plain-speaking General responded with " You are stuck on stupid " .

General Honore- right man, right place. New Orleans has its Guiliani now, and its not the Mayor.

nothing to do with your current topic but i enjoyed the banter and i know we will not agree on some thing s. it was just that last thread really upset me and i thought it was your real ego comming out as you said all will be revealed. i know my grammers shite but i had no proper education and im ok with it unless someone implies im stupid im not stupid but my grammers crap and im told old to chane it but goood banter anyway

Good banter indeed. One of these days maybe we'll share a pint. And especially in something like this where people write very quickly, I could care less about grammar, its the message that I'm interested in, not the delivery.

Sorry if anything I said pissed you off back there. There are some bad guys in this world, and you're certainly not one of them.

you never pissed me off it keeps my mind going and i learn new things like it was nt the kurds,there are many bad guys but likewise your not one passionate about what you belive but then thats what makes us diff we are willing to learn i think lol noworries your welcome anytime for a pint i dont know if id get out of usa lol you know cia and so on

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