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Back from Vietnam

I returned from Vietnam a week ago today.

The Vietnam trip was very good. I am still adding photos to the Vietnam trip blog, www.vietnamview.blogspot.com. I will soon be adding to this blog in a more substantive way once again.

It has been chilly the past week, but today we find a warmer, sunny, simply gorgeous fall Sunday.

Pretty neat stuff. Did you see many people traveling with kids (and did the kids look entertained)?

I ask because my wife and I want to vacation in Vietnam with our 9 and 4 year olds.

I didn't see people traveling with young kids, but, it could be a good idea, esp if the kids are ok with long plane flights.

They might not be so interested in the museums and similar things, but they might like the experience of being in a very different country.

The Vietnamese I think really like children and would be happy to see them.

Bet that they would lkke the water puppets in Hanoi and the beaches, etc.

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