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Bali: Death of the Innocents

The Balinese are in mourning for those killed in Saturday's terror bombing in Kuta. The Australians too.

This atrocity, again, is believed not to have been done by anyone from Bali, a peaceful Hindu island trapped in a vast Muslim disaster of a country that is not a country at all, rather a group of disparate but geographically close islands cobbled together by the Dutch at one time.

The suspects are Muslims from Java and from Malaysia, who are part of the Muslim terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, a group active in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This group is of course linked to other Muslim terror groups.

The Aussies have borne much from this terror cult. The Australian govt is believed to be mighty pissed at the Indonesian government for taking it easy on people suspected of involvement in the first Bali bombing. They must cooperate with Indonesia now. But their patience will not last forever.

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