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Vietnam, Village, Vietnam

A week from now, I will be in Vietnam. A wee bit jet lagged but there. On the other side of the world. In a country that's very different, but that's what I am looking for.

Some friends ( old friend Neal, new friend Mike ) from Hawaii were in NYC over the weekend, and we met up in the East Village. Had a Vietnamese meal at Cyclo which was good, washed down by Vietnamese Export 33 beer, which was ok. Tried to get some German beer at Zum Schneider, who had an oompah band for the Oktoberfest, but they had a line and were seriously crowded so that was a no go. Went to a dive bar by Tomkins Square Park, which was good and will require a return visit.

Went to Hop Devil Grill on St Marks Place for three large bottles of Blanche de Chambly, a pale aie in the Belgian style from Quebec. Then, off to the subway, but first a cocktail that turned into three at this place near to Cooper Union.

But anyway, will be in Vietnam in a week. Their currency is 15,900 ( dong ) to the dollar. Jesus, f*** , even $20 means a lot of dong in exchange. And the local beer is cheap, or so I am told. And it gets the job done, or so I have been told. Will require extensive testing, from Saigon to Hoi An to Hue to Hanoi.

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