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Brooklyn Dodgers - 50 Years Since Only Series Win

On October 4, 1955 the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series for the first and only time in their long history.

The World Series was played in the daytime in those days. When these all-important games were being played, precious little work was done at any office or school, as everyone listened to the game on the radio.

After the last out, there were scenes of wild celebration throughout the vast borough, that ran deep into the night. The bars could not close at the normal 4am legal close, they were jam-packed with overjoyed customers, and this was one night when the police were happy to look the other way.

The Dodgers had come close before, but now the much beloved team had won it all. Against the mighty Yankees. It was as though every family had won the lottery on the same night.

Two years later, owner Walter O'Malley moved the team to Los Angeles.

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