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New Template

I have changed the template for the blog. If United Irelander can do it, so can I!

It is a pain that when you do this in blogger, you lose the customized features that you had added. So, I have had to add ( some ) links back a second time. I should have saved a copy of the template html code, but did not. Next time. Because these things have to change once in a while.


Tomorrow, the NY Marathon is on. It goes within a few houses of where I live, but I will miss most of it this year, as I am leaving for the 1pm Jets football game.

I tore the house apart today, as I had misplaced the battery charger for my digital camera. Found it.

Warm, gorgeous day in New York today.

Tuesday is Election Day, and in NYC it will mean a vote for Mayor. Incumbent Michael Bloomberg will crush brain-dead Democratic challenger Fernando Ferrer by over 20 points. In a city where Democrats are the huge majority. Bloomberg has zero personality, but he is a good technician who has run the city well.

I like this template. Good job!

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