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Marathon Sunday

Have now posted virtually all the photos I care to on Vietnam View. Will be some more text added this week, and it will then largely stand as is.

It was a beautiful Sunday in New York today, with a high of 67 degrees. Great for most of us, but a little hot for the many thousands who came here for the New York Marathon. I saw them the many at the four mile mark in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, then later in the day saw some very tired finishers, wrapped in their aluminum blankets. There were a few in the Port Authority Bus Terminal, then a group of talkative French runners on the downtown C train.

Went to the NY Jets football game today. This was an invite from someone in my business, in a " luxury box ". The surroundings were great ( beer, food on demand, bathroom right there ) , but I loathe " luxury box " crowds. These people were much more interested in talking business than they were in watching the game, and I hate that.

Actually, I am in no hurry to see another NFL game in person. There are so many delays in the game to accomodate tv commercials that the flow of the game is completely disrupted. You don't notice it when you're watching it at home. You do in the Stadium. That's maybe the only thing that soccer football has going for it--the game continues without delay until the half is completed, unless there is an injury.

I took some photos at Giants Stadium ( yes, the NY Jets play in the Giants Stadium, in NJ, don't ask ). The photos were taken with my old Olympus 35mm camera. It has been so long since I've used it, I forget what photos are already on the film that was in it. After using the digital camera for a few months, it is astonishing to go back in time to a more simple film camera, where you have basically one choice of shot, period, you must advance the film by hand, and where you only see the photo when the print comes back. I will always love my 35mm camera, and will continue to use it once in awhile, but...digital photography appears vastly superior in every respect.

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