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Riots in Paris, Marseilles...

An article posted in No Pasaran , an article about the suburbs of Paris . Written in 2002, it absolutely predicts the events of today. It is not a " French bashing " --it is a clear-eyed view of a terrible problem in the middle of Europe. If you read only one article on this problem, read this one.

Last night, 900 cars were burned, and the police could not stop it. A woman on crutches, leaving a bus was set on fire by criminals. This, in Paris, in France, in the so-called " heart of Europe ", yesterday.

France has all the proper laws, but they have not been enforced in vast areas of the suburbs of Paris for many decades.

Paris needs a Guiliani. It needs an NYPD. It has neither.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy wants to exert real leadership, but who the hell will follow him?

The problems in Paris, and in France, are much worse than they ever were in New York. I take no pleasure in writing this.

I don't know if there is the will to solve this problem over there. Regardless of the response, the future is not pretty.

With Hon and Rob, visited Seth at Beth Israel Hospital last night. Rob brought Seth some delicious sushi from Whole Foods. I brought a nice 12 ounce warm can of Budweiser to cheer him up. Since Seth declined to drink it, I popped it open, spilling a drop or two on the poor immobilzed patient on the bed below, and drank the 12 delicious ounces myself.

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