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Am nearing completion of the Vietnam Trip Blog , learning as I go along. Today, I cropped a digital photo for the first time, using Picasa. Like anything else, easy as pie after you've done it once.

Saw the NYPD checking bags at the 53rd St / Lex subway station this evening. Good for you, guys. Was almost disappointed when I was not randomly chosen.

There's an immense amount of stuff on Maureen Dowd on the blogs these days. A lot of it is quite funny. Go to Blog Search and do a search on Maureen Dowd. You'll see something on her for sure. She's a fascinating sort of cobra, on the cover of New York magazine, everywhere it seems. Is the NY Times happy with her being their number one star?

Seth goes for hip replacement surgery tomorrow, at Beth Israel. He's way too young for this sort of thing, but he took some nasty bike spills years back, which may be a factor. Good luck.

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