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Bye Bye Howard Stern

Howard Stern is a radio " shock jock " who specializes in, eh, shocking people with a brand of humor that I have no respect for.

Early in his career, he worked at a radio station in Washington DC. In January 1982 he was on the air when an Air Florida plane crashed into the 14th Street bridge, killing 82 people. Stern's reaction? He called the airline, on the air, to ask what the one way fare was from National Airport to the 14th Street Bridge. That's Howard Stern humor.

His usual staple are things like Lesbian Dial-A-Date, Farting Contests, conversations with " Gary the Retard ", " Jeff the Vomit Guy " ( who pays prostitutes to puke on him ) etc etc.

I have been amazed that there's an audience for this guy, but there is. Well, yesterday, he did his last " free " radio show.

Starting next month, he will be moving his show to Sirius-FM, one of two pay-radio services in the US and Canada. You pay $12.95 for the privilege of listening to Howard Stern and whatever else is on the service.

This is both good and bad. It's good in that Stern's audience will go down by as much as 90%. It's good that his most devoted listeners will have $12.95 less to spend on crack or whatever they'd be spending it on.

But it's bad because this move has made Stern seriously rich. Sirius is paying him $500 million over five years. The wicked inherit the earth.

Just had one of those "Damn, I wish I'd written that" moments.

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