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John Lennon Tape

The John Lennon interview by Rolling Stone will be broadcast on BBC Radio. He speaks of life with the Beatles as being a "portable Rome" of money, sex and drugs.

That he criticized fellow Beatle Paul McCartney is not a surprise, but he also mocked George Harrison "He was working with two brilliant songwriters and he learnt a lot from us," says Lennon.

Rival Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones, was also dismissed by Lennon as "a joke".
"I'd like to list what we did and what the Stones did two months later on every album," he said. "Mick imitates us." Not so sure about that, John.

The ex-Beatle also complained about the personal downside of his talent. "It's not fun being a genius," he said. "It's torture." Oh, don't I know it.

When's this thing going to be broadcast in America?

Wasn't there a controversial film shown on John Lennon in America recently about his killer, Mark Chapman?

Did you see it? Apparently it will be shown this side of the Atalntic soon.

I heard of a movie that is in the works --mentioned here ...if there's another one, I am unaware of it.

i think he smoked a little to much pot . the stones have proved beyond a doubt,as for paul i dislike him especially after the bali bombing he cancelled the australian legs of his concerts saying it was to dangerous .yet he played in new york after 9/11 so to me he showed his content for the australian people ,nothing to do with you post but im sick of paul .

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