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DIRECTV adds XMRadio

A windy, rainy night in New York. I like rain, but it certainly does not increase the energy level.

I've had DIRECTV satellite television for three years now. Like most subscribers, I am very happy with it. It's less expensive than cable tv, and problems have been few.

They, like many cable and satellite systems, have had audio-only music channels for years. DIRECTV just changed its music content provider to XM Radio.

XM is one of two pay radio services here in North America, the other being Sirius. They're very similar, in that you have to buy special equipment and pay $11-12 a month for the service. The lure is that there are many music channels, all with no commercials. There are also news and political shows.

Unfortunately, both have also decided to attract customers by hiring famous " shock jocks ". XM has Opie and Anthony who, a while back broadcast a couple having sex in St. Patricks Cathedral, . Sirius will soon have Howard Stern, who is famous for his on-the-air farting contests. There's actually an audience for this stuff. Not me. I was pretty close to signing up for one of the services a few months ago, but when I heard that they were staking their fame on Fartman and Opie and Dopey I changed my mind.

But now, XM has come to me anyway. I now have the only service of theirs I really wanted, which is the 60 commercial free music channels, and I did not have to lift a finger to get it.

I really like this service, and have connected my Bose radio to the satellite receiver so I can listen on better speakers. Soon, will have to reconfigure the hole thing into a home entertainment system.

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