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New York Subway Searches Approved by Judge

A federal judge has approved random searches of bags on the NYC subway. The New York Civil Liberties Union a subsidiary to the ACLU, had filed suit against these searches, claiming that they were an "invasion of the privacy rights of New Yorkers cannot be justified by the program's questionable security benefits".

The NYCLU could not have been more wrong on this issue. We need more searches, not less-- the searches that take place are extremely infrequent. Even on the odd chance that a search is taking place, only one in ten or twenty persons have their bags looked at.

It would be nice if searches were not needed, but after the London and Madrid bombings, the need for searches is not even a debatable point.

In a recent poll, New Yorkers approved of the seaches by a 3-1 margin . Shame on you, NYCLU for wasting the judge's time.

was wondering if a better thing to have would be a guard at every train station with a dog that can smell explovises? and thanks she is a beauty.her name to saoirse think that from a unionist lol another thing can i add you as a link as only way now is through ui's site when you comment

Of course, please do.

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