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No Time For the Old In And Out Love, I'm Only Here To Read the Meter

I've done a little pruning and re-organizing. The general rule is that if I don't look at a link a couple of times a week, it's dropped.

I've liked Oklahomily for awhile, and it's a welcome addition.

Likewise, Israelly Cool, which has a good blogroll of its own, and which was the source of the links to the Australian, ABC News, and The Big Pharoah. Discovered Harry's Place from the Weblog Awards. Anyway, hope you like the new lineup.

They're In
Oklahomily, from Oklahoma
Harry's Place, from London
Israelly Cool, from Israel
The Australian
ABC News (Australian)
The Big Pharaoh ( Egypt )

He's Out
Out Nickie Goomba

Sorry about the Anonymous, Phantom old boy, but I've never been able to successfully register using this server.

You delinked Goomba because of DC and me (Rhod)? Not very sporting of you. Nickie provided the forum, not the ideas.

But I suppose that's how McCainiacs deal with opposition.


No, I don't have a problem with Nicky. And I will continue to look at Nicky Goomba occasionally.

But as I said before, I was not impressed with the quality of debate that I saw over there. It was screaming, not talking, it was insulting, nor persuading. Not just on our little jihad, but elsewhere I was not too impressed with the feedback ( most of which seemed to be hardy, har har, I agree with you bro, type of stuff )

You guys have a " McCain against free speech " talking point that is hilarious but to which I will not respond here.

But the choice of who is linked to on this blog, along with all the rest of its content, rests with one person, that being me. Then people anywhere have the choice of reading it or not, or commenting or not.

Part of that content is the links. I take that seriously. If something is linked here, to me that is my saying that I find it especially interesting. I read linked blogs / publications every few days. In most cases, I participate in the debates.

Like a good garden, the links list needs to be aggressively weeded. I don't want to just throw stuff up, and never take anything off. I see on many blogs, links to blogs that have moved ages ago. That won't happen here.

But also, if don't think I'll be reading that particular link at least every 3-4 days, it has to go, and it will.

That doesn't mean that what is linked to is superior to what else is out there in the blogosphere. It just means that my subjective opinion has made its judgement, just as all the other bloggers in the world have made their judgement on who they choose to link to.


Debate quality depends upon the material at hand. You didn't offer much, and still have not answered the questions you posed in the agora at Nickie's. In addition, the first use of the f-bomb, although with asterisks, was from you. It was baffling, too. But have your purity to fortify you.

Furthermore, the "invective" you so heavily rely upon as the foundation of your moral posing, didn't commence until pretty far down the road, and that followed your petulance and snide conduct. You seem to have conveniently forgotten your own contributions.

It was clear from the beginning that you weren't reading the posts tendered to your claims, because you thoroughly misunderstood the thrust of the discussion.

At the summit of all this nonsense is your self-righteousness. The central problem, Phantom, is that you just can't deal with the complexities of the issues in re McCain, and, I must say, your deep martyrdom is a bore. Let's try to keep something called the truth in this matter. It helps.


It is perfectly permissable for you to go away, and to stay away. I really won't mind.

Don't miss me too much.

I'll go away, for now. What won't go away is the truth, whether about McCain or yourself. It seems to me that if you want open debate, you ought to be open to it.

...and I suspect you want Nickie delinked so no one reads your posts over there.


Rhod challenges you and there you go again. Talking points? You are a walking, talking point on what is wrong with the McCainites.

Your response to Rhod's question/comments: Go away. That's classic.

Phantom, for you to bemoan the quality of debate at Nick's is kinda like Howard Stern complaining about vulgarity on the air. It, uh, rings a little hollow.

All we asked for was for you to defend the statements/charges you made factually. You lapsed into imagined scenarios (John was out of town, maybe?) and/or wildly hung your butt out the window to proclaim you had been to VN last year and to bluster that I am "military wannabee" type.

You lapsed into insults and refused to engage in the debate.

Rhod is right on here, and I suspect he is right. You don't want people to see your commentary over there, so you delinked Nickie.

I do thank you for the endorsement of my site, however. It is prominently displayed, with a link.


I reject many of your comments and all of your style. I don't think that you listen to opposing points of view.

I won't get into the specific points / issues with you, that will only reopen the debate where I say that you don't listen, and you say I don't listen.

The discussion is over. I wish you well, but I am asking you nice to stay away from here.

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