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Canada Goes Conservative

It appears that the Conservative Party, led by Stephen Harper, has won today's national election in Canada. The Liberal Party, run by Paul Martin, is out of office after a 12 year run.

The Canadian Liberal Party campaign has taken an anti-American tinge in recent years, and played to this jingoistic theme in the election. Martin specifically said that the US "lacks a global conscience".

Well, the US is wrong on many things, but it has an immense global conscience, and acts on it daily. And while we don't agree with our Canadian brothers on everything, we have always been fond of Canada and Canadians, and we congratulate them on throwing Paul Martin out with the rest of the rubbish.

Emma is upset at that result but its not as terrible as she thought it would be. Me i think harper is just a clone of Bush

It was only 12 years, not 17.

Martin wasn't actually thrown out with the rubbish. The joy of Canadian politics is that we actually have an opposition, which in this minority government will have alot of power.

Personally, if I were Martin I would step down as leader of the Liberals but maintain my seat in Parliament. Perhaps Michael Ignatieff would get the job, he's very pro-American. I think he was a professor at Harvard at one time.


Thanks for the correction, duly noted.

And thank you for correcting it in your post.

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