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Gotcha- Al Queda's Midhat Mursi Whacked

ABC News has learned that al Qaeda’s master bomb maker and chemical weapons expert
Midhat Mursiwas one of the men killed in last week’s U.S. missile attack in eastern Pakistan. ( stolen from Little Green Footballs.) And up to three other Al Queda were whacked as well.

And that's very good news indeed.

Noone is happy at the reports that children were killed. But the Al Queda guys are fair game, and I can't shed too many tears for the adults who were joining them for a meal.

If we're going to win the war on terror, which we will do...the military must continue to run missions like this, and must continue to get results like this.

Good work, boys. And keep those drones flying.

propaganda to justify murdering women and children in a land where they should nt have attacked this is a worring devolopment .

If you have a better suggestion on how to eliminate top Al Queda bomb-makers and other top leaders in an ungoverned part of Pakistan, I'm all ears.

selected assination. dropping bombs like that is an isreali tactic and just serve's to fuel the hate.

Yes, I am all for targeted assassination of people like this. But the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan is a lawless clan area.

Outsiders, even the best special forces, will have a very hard time indeed.

I'm for a multiplicity of tactics. A little special ops, a lot of engaging in the intellectual battle, a little backing up of our friends, and the odd drone or two.

the Aussie s.a.s would get the job done they would have to be amongst the best in the world.
In iraq everyone knew who they where because they wore shorts.
but before the troops came in they guided to targets they checked out to make sure it was right target.

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