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Podcasts / The Kid From Brooklyn

So, I've been reading about the new technology of " podcasting " , whereby almost anyone can create their own radio station.

This technology is still very new, and I don't really understand how it works. I spent a little time yesterday. I logged onto one of the more popular podcasts here in the US Keith and the Girl, a comedy talk show that is pretty good. ( but very vulgar! )

From this website, you can click onto an episode and it will start streaming. Very easy.

But other podcasts work differently. I downloaded Juice, a " podcast aggregator ". For podcasts that I have subscribed to, it provides easy access to the most recent show or to several recent episodes.


After this techonology stuff, I was in the mood for a little comic relief. I opened an e-mail that Hon had sent recently from The Kid from Brooklyn. In a world of bejabberers, he's the real deal. If you liked the last one, trythis.

For a link to all the Kid from Brooklyn's audios, go his site

re: which application to use for your podcasts - Apple's iTunes software is also pretty good now for finding and managing podcasts - last month their database was pretty flaky but it seems to have calmed down now and it's really easy to use

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