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Vampire Runs for Governor of Minnesota

The Next Governor of Minnesota?

People think that New York and California are the crazy states, but Minnesota puts us all to shame. In 1999, they elected professional wrestler Jesse Ventura to the Governors Mansion.

But now, the electorate of Minnesota has the chance to top their previous feat by electing Jonathon " the Impaler " Sharkey" as their new governor. Yeah, you heard me right. A vampire! He's to the left.

The candidate claims to worship Lucifer, and hates God the Father. ( but not Jesus Christ the son apparently )

His platform includes a crackdown on those convicted of drunk driving. He proposes to execute by means of impalement at the stake, terrorists and drug dealers.

Sharkey's beliefs on impalement are modeled after Count Dracula, one of his heroes.

The last Governor of Minnesota

Is that Jesse 'The Body' Ventura?

Apparently Ric Flair (Woo) wants to be Governor of North Carolina.

Also, didn't Hulk Hogan briefly consider running for the US Presidency?

Yes that's Jesse. I remember watching him in his wrestling days.

My friends and I were huge fans of the sport, during the teenage days and a bit beyond. The more ridiculous the wrestler's persona, the more we like him.

One of the main writers of No Pasaran , who grew up a few blocks from me, was the craziest of all. He published a newsletter on the " sport " and thought about promoting matches in West Virginia and other rural places.

Then he went to France instead, and the rest is history.

Have not heard that about Hogan, but would not doubt it. Those guys really do have big egos, and probably every one of them thinks he could be President.

I would nt be suprised if he actually got elected after all look at Arnie

Phantom: This thread appears too incredible not to be true. The View From 103 more information than Blog.

You know that Kinky Friedman (of "Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys") is running for Governor of Texas.

The Jesse Ventura/Arnold Schwartzenegger connection always made me wonder if other "stars" of the movie "Predator" would run for Governor also. How about Carl Weathers in Louisiana or Richard Chaves in Florida or Sonny Landham in Georgia or Kevin Peter Hall (the Predator himself) in Pennsylvania.

BTW, can you tell I'm currently unemployed?

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