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WTC: Detective Zadroga, NYPD

Four and one-half years later, another death from the 9/11 attacks.

NYPD Detective James Zadroga died on January 5 of pulmonary disease and respiratory failure. He had lung-tissue inflammation. There was fiberglass in his lungs. A pathologist has ruled " directly related " to the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Detective Zadroga was actually inside 7 World Trade Center when it began to collapse. He survived that, and later spent 450 hours looking for survivors, and then recovering bodies. You'll remember that the WTC fires burned well into December. The smoke in the early days and weeks was awful. I could smell it seven miles away in Brooklyn for weeks. Detective Zadroga was at the site, close to the fires, breathing the smoke, and probably not wearing protective gear. It wasn't always available in the beginning, and a lot of the guys did not want to wear them later.

Detective Zadroga's family was on TV last night. His dad quoted him as saying that he would do it all again, even if he knew he would get sick and die. He wouldn't even have to think about it.

He's the latest one to die from the 9/11 attacks. Sadly, he will not be the last.

Discussing it at work with M, as she spoke of a conversation she'd had with Kieran, whose son is a NY Cop. The son spent a lot of time on " the pile " looking for people. She mentioned Detective Zadroga's passing, and that it would maybe have been better if his son hadn't spent so much time there. Kieran said of his son, thankfully still in good health.. " You couldn't have kept him away. Even if you tied him to a chair, he would have found a way to get right back out there. "

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