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Lower Manhattan Construction Boom Begins Soon

  • Today's New York Post has an article about a construction blitz that will commence over the next two years. In the next six years, that's $20 billion worth of projects, which includes:
    The Freedom Tower, to be completed in 2011
  • The 9/11 Memorial, to be completed in 2009
  • The new PATH train terminal, for trains to New Jersey, to be completed in 2009
  • The Fulton Transit Center, which will connect various subway lines, to be completed in 2008
  • The new Goldman Sachs headquarters, to be completed in 2009
  • The demolition of the gloomy Deutsche Bank tower, to be finished in 2007
  • A new boulevard by West Street, to be completed in 2007
  • Five new residential buildings to be built in ( the lovely ) Battery Park City,
  • An East River Waterfront Project by an old ferry terminal, to be completed in 2009
  • The South Ferry Terminal Expansion, to be completed in 2007. South Ferry is where the big ferries come in from Staten Island. The bulk of the new terminal is already open. It looks great. What remains to be done is the underground connections with the Number 1 subway line, that begins at South Ferry and runs all the way up to the top of Manhattan, under Broadway

Lower Manhattan will be one massive construction zone. It will be a huge, noisy mess in a couple of years, but I cannot wait until it begins.

My company has announced that it will be returning to lower Manhattan in 2007. I'll be there to see all of this. See you in lower Manhattan.

You and me. NYC is still my favourite city!

Give me a shout at bayridgephantom@gmail.com when you're coming in next.

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