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World Trade Center

World Trade Center, originally uploaded by henrygkuo.

henrykuo posted this on flickr.

He says " I've never seen a shot of the World Trade Center towers taken from this angle. I wonder why. I think it's pretty darn cool. This picture and the others of the World Trade Center in my photostream were taken sometime between 1998-1999. For this photo and the other one just like it, I just walked right up to one of the towers, looked up, and this composition was just right there."

Henry, thank you. Very nice shot.

I have a picture that is very similar to that one, only not nearly as clear. I took mine in 1988 when my wife was new to NYC. We walked all around the base of the north tower. When we got to the West St. side of the building - where you're further down and the buildings looked even bigger - I took a picture looking straight up. I was with my wife and my cousin - two people new to the US from Ireland - and they were as amazed at the width (breadth?) of the buildings. It took a long time to walk around one.

I've become a big fan of flickr, as a contributor and a borrower of photos.

If you do a search on " World Trade Center " you will see lots of good photos, many from tourist visits.

I agree that flickr is great. I have added some of my own photos there, but I've only recently acquired a (2nd hand) digital camera.

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