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Youtube and Hitler

Youtube is a California-based website that allows users to upload, view and share video clips. Its an amazing place. Wikipedia reports that 35,000 videos a day were uploaded this past April.

They feature a few videos a day on the main page, or you can do a search using your keyword (s) and you can see what's up from your town. Or your subject, focused or free association can lead to interesting stuff from the vast library. I found a few humor videos on...Hitler.

There's a mock Hip Hop Song ( " I'm no longer a Nazi but I like to party" ", some lyrics offensive. Another version here

Also Hitler singing the YMCA Song

Home movie of Hitler's career, including " Mein Kampf " as an Oprah Book of the Month selection.

and the king of them all Hitler in England with Monty Python. An insanely brilliant John Cleese plays Hitler.

Don't know what this means. The Fuhrer lives on, as the star of a thousand comedy videos.

Where are you now Phantom? I'm headed to Ireland in a few hours. The time change is going to screw me up worse than anything else. :-) Anyhow, thanks for the Hitler tips... :-)

Hi Jefferson

I am in New York. Just back from a short trip to Chicago.

Have a swell time in Ireland. I am jealous.

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