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Yankee Stadium Express?

crazy train #2, originally uploaded by Leadershipper.

Is this a real train? Got me. I saw it on Flickr. With blue Yankee Stadium type seats, all it needs is a peanut vendor and a beer man, and I'll start riding it all the time.

I thought photography in the subways was banned now? My 11 year old daughter has a digital camera - I'd rather she have that than the phone - and she wants to take pics of subway. I told her it wasn't allowed. Not true?

I --believe--that the proposal to ban photography was defeated. I take pictures all the time.

I will try to confirm one way or the other and get back to you.


I think your daughter will be ok taking photos. The ban was always a silly idea.


It is a silly idea to try and ban photos on the subway. I'm glad it was voted down. Now my daughter can get the snaps she 'needs'.

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