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Always, I have loved blueberries. Now that they come in from Chile in our winter, you can get them almost all time time in New York. But the Chilean blueberry, like those from Florida and California, tends to bitterness, and is merely tolerable product. In early spring, they come from North Carolina, and they're just OK.

But I am in my glory in June and July when the New Jersey blueberry crop floods into New York. They're plump, and sweet and cheap as hell. I buy them in large numbers and inhale them a pint at a time.

AHhhhhhhh man, that picture is SWEET! I am a berry FREAK, especially blueberries and raspberries. I would love to own a small blueberry farm, but that would probably be foolish in the same way it would be foolish for me to own a liquor store!

My wife love blueberries! She has them as jam or drink...
We have a blackcurrant plant here at home, but we've never been able to taste its fruits: sparrows are faster than us ;-)

I always thought that Northern NY blueberries were the absolute best... now I live in SE Michigan... almost the Thumb... and there's a blueberry VILLAGE about 20 minutes from my home. YUM. I'm always disappointed that Smuckers only makes little jars of BB jam. so sad.

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