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Shuffling the Deck

Blogroll Reshuffling

The Penalty Box has been dismantled, and A Tangled Web has been returned to the Irish section. I had been contemplating this move for a while.

The fact is, that good opinionated writing is often found on ATW, and ringmaster David Vance has no trouble with opposing points of view. Like Jerry Springer, he keeps a lid on it.

This Northern Ireland-based blog is mainly political, and mainly Unionist. But there are plenty of Republicans, of both the Irish and US variety, speaking freely also. The kind words given to a wrongly attacked fellow-blogger, UI, have also been noted.

There's still the problem of ATW's co-host Andrew McCann. This guy likes to throw bigoted anti-Irish remarks at times. The only proper response to him is a sharp rap on the knuckles. That's a language that he understands.

Also added:
Tim Blair, a right-leaning site from Australia
Ask the Imam, from South Africa. Wasn't sure whether to add it to the humor or the international section, but there it is.

Step to the right for the blogroll.


Obviously I take issue with your view that that person was "wrongly attacked."

I would point out, as my partner did eloquently, that he attacked me time, time and time again, on several Irish political blogs.

These attacks I have documented and none have anything to do with the issues being debated - they are personal abusive attacks, designed to destroy my online character. You did not notice these, because you cant be everywhere and anyway, the posts were not directed at you.

But, only a very few who saw the persistent, unfunny, humiliating attacks had a problem with them.

Most did nothing except cheer him on.

What was I to do?

I complained about this, made it clear that I was complaining about this, and suddenly - I was the attacker.

Thats it, in a nutshell.

If you cannot see the irony of a series of people who have previously personally attacked and humiliated me lining up alongside someone who I named as harassing me, then there is little I can do about that.

Do not think this has generated a new "consensus" in Irish political blogging - it is, quite simply, an indication of how warped and vindictive are the participants. But hey, only 2% of the UK & Ireland blog. I guess the other 98% are pretty normal! I will probably join them again soon.

I am posting this just for balance, not to continue this "spat" - although I see this morning that that blog has carried a poster who has contacted my employer in an attempt to escalate this. Foolish.

Why did all this happen? Well, as you can see from this post, I am not incapable of arguing my position. I guess some people couldn't deal with that - hence the abuse. I am not going away, you know.

You seem a decent guy. Stay that way, huh? ;)

Email me sometime, I like you and respect your views. Blogs aren't always the best way to explain things. Ya know where we are.


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