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New Blogs / Cindy Sh...

Have updated the Blog Links section of this site. Got rid of some, added some others.

There are six Irish blogs here, and more will be added in the future. There's an active blog scene over there, and I've enjoyed participating in some spirited debates on United Irelander.
Also added: Kurdistan Bloggers Union, from what they would refer to as southern Kurdistan. If you look on that site, you will see a flashing sign that says " Northern Iraq Is Invalid. No Northern Iraq. It is Southern Kurdistan! "

The Kurds have had the misfortune having their population located in adjacent areas of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. These four countries have denied self-determination to their Muslim brothers for a long, long time. It's bad enough to have to win your national independence against one country. Imagine trying to win it against four countries. Not easy.

Anyway, the blog looks ok and we will take it for a test drive.

Also, an Iraqi blog, Ibn AlRafidain, Arabic for the Son of the Two Rivers.

The ability of Kurds, Iraqis ,others from troubled to broadcast their message to anyone in the world who cares to read is no small thing. This is a revolutionary technology.


Also added the lunatic Chase Me Ladies, I'm With The Cavalry. Whoever produces that thing should be locked up. I will keep a close eye on him until that day comes.


Cindy Sh...oh, who cares

Come to www.theworldofshakespeare.blogspot.com

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