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Tomato Sauce

Cooking has never been one of the Phantom's strong points. My culinary skills to this point have pretty much been limited to:
    • microwaving frozen foods
    • spaghetti with pasta sauce from a jar
    • making a sandwich

But a few months ago, I decided to make some spaghetti sauce " from scratch " . I basically used ( Tuttorosso ) Crushed Tomatoes and threw in some olive oil , onions and mushrooms. I later added capers and olives to the base recipe, making something akin to the spaghetti puttanesca.

But my buddy Frank R work said that his wife makes sauce with the canned whole tomatoes. So a week ago, on the way back from Brian's party in Cobble Hill, I stopped off at the Key Food. Picked up some cans of Luigi Vitelli peeled tomatoes. On Monday, I made the sauce with onion sauteed in olive oil, with diced pickled red pepper, capers, sliced green olive with pimento, and...the whole tomatoes. Mashed them as they cooked for about a half hour.

Then, for the taste test. It was much, much better than the sauce made with the crushed tomatoes only. The bits of tomato were better and fresher than the crushed stuff.

I can't believe how easy it is to make this good, simple Italian food, and how much better it is than even the better prepared sauces. There will be a lot more pasta sauce made in this kitchen. And a lot of experimenting.

Sounds tasty. I'm pretty hopeless in the kitchen myself.

I like the Johnny Cash song by the way. ;)

Phantom you and UI are far to easy pleased. I like real food.

The Johnny Cash tribute is fitting, I like it to.

What's real food?

phamton if you have acess to itialian sausage add that it gives a kick to the flavour you skin it and then cut it and simmer it .

in the sauce

Trust me...in Brooklyn there is much access to Italian sausage. And it is on my list for the next time. Won't try to eat too much of that stuff, but once in a while there is nothing like it.

here's the full recipe
8to 10 itialian sausages hot or mild
250 grams frozen chopped onions or 4 large coarsly chopped
2 tbsp 30ml bottled chopped garlic or 10 garlic cloves minced
2 cans diced tomatoes(28-oz/796ml)
2 cans tomatoe paste(5and half oz/156 ml)about 1and a third cups 325 mls
2 bayleaves
2 tbsp(30ml)dried oregano leaves
1 tbsp 15mls dried basil leaves
1tbsp 5 ml each dried thyme and sage leaves
half tbsp 2ml salt
2 to 3 10 to 15 ml hot red chilli flakes or tabasco sauce (optinol
set pan over med heat does nt need oil,add onions and garlic using fork stir meat(snags already in)to keep it crumbly cook untill meat is no longer pink 8 to 12 mins stir in rest of indegidents add chilli flakes if you like and we usually chuck mince meat to the sauce once its cooked the mince gets fried in sfrying pan

can be frozen for later times


Thanks for the recipe. You the man

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